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Music is the art of organizing sounds, noises and silences over time. 
My artistic vision is to adapt and achieve certain sound effects that can express and connect the music between me and the listener, learning to recognize the change in the perception of the sounds that we have in the course of our lives. 


Since birth each of us is provided with sensory receptors, the perception of sound that changes with time, changes according to our experiences, tastes, moods, knowledge and information. 
My artistic vision include the line of life, describing the evolution of perception that we have since birth, where we can only recognize certain differences in sound, which with the progress of the years changes according to knowledge and awareness.


The listener will be led along a path that starts from a reflection on silences and perceptions that can be traced back to the first years of life, advancing in a subsequent step with a deeper, in recognizing and perceiving some subtleties given by the sound and the silences, until you get to a connection between the most instinctive listening you can have at the origin and the attention given by a reflection in grasping certain sensations and emotions through music.


17/12/2019 - Marmo

Francesco Cafiso sax, Federico Bonifazi piano, Gabriele Evangelista contrabbasso, Alfred Kramer batteria

07/12/2019- Auditorium Orpheus
Anteprima assoluta "Advancing" Piano solo


"Soul music" Trio - Federico Bonifazi
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"Overview" Trio - Federico Bonifazi
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"Monkey's" Trio - Federico Bonifazi
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"Colori d'autunno" Trio - Federico Bonifazi
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Sextet "Notte di pace" - Federico Bonifazi
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"Reflections" Piano solo - Federico Bonifazi
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"Advancing" Piano solo - Federico Bonifazi
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Federico Bonifazi


Giampaolo CASATI, tromba

Gianluca PETRELLA, trombone

Emanuele CISI, sax tenor

Gabriele EVANGELISTA, bass

Alfred KRAMER, drums

Recording in November, 2017

SteepleChase Productions

Through the Suite, Bonifazi describes and tells the different colors of the autumn: the Umbrian landscapes and everything that surrounds them and gives them life. To this effect, he uses rhythm, melody and harmony in every single composition. He interprets his music through comparisons, similarities and encounters between music, nature and colors.

The Suite is composed of 8 tracks with titles referring to the trend of rhythm, the same trend of autumnal flow.

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